Evergreen GH Pte Ltd proudly backs the Financial Inclusion Hackathon (FInHack) and Financial Literacy, Inclusion and Technology (FinLIT) Symposium, two collaborative initiatives from the Financial Literacy (FinLIT) Program at the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics (SKBI) at Singapore Management University (SMU), supported with problem statements addressing national challenges from the MoneySense program co-led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Ministry of Manpower among other public and private agencies.

The FInHack, an innovative program with participants from all Autonomous Universities and other Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), encourages innovative solutions to financial challenges faced by Singaporeans.



Prof Zhang Hong (SKBI Director) and David Yong (Evergreen GH CEO)  holding up the signed agreement. 


"As advocates for financial empowerment, we're honored to support the FinLit Hackathon," said David Yong, CEO of Evergreen GH Pte Ltd. "Our collaboration with SMU FinLIT program with longstanding partnerships with MoneySense and other public and private agencies aims to contribute to building a financially resilient Singapore."

The event invites participants to develop creative and implementable solutions through use of workshops, mentorship, and presentations using tools like gamification, artificial intelligence and machine learning and analytics.

"We appreciate Evergreen GH Pte Ltd's support," said Prof Zhang Hong, Director of the SKBI. "Together, we inspire financial leaders and empower individuals."

“Evergreen GH Pte Ltd’s contribution for supporting this creative solution concept through annual FInHack and public-private-academic partnerships and engagements sessions through the annual Financial Literacy, Inclusion and Technology (FinLIT) symposium for the challenging and defining problems of our times,” expressed Asst Prof Aurobindo Ghosh, Director of the SMU FinLIT Program. “Mr David Yong, CEO of Evergreen GH Pte Ltd, through his visionary leadership and contribution would help the SMU FinLIT program light the way for financial independence and awakening among Young Adults and other less financially included groups.”


group photo signing

L-R: Benjamin Teo (SMU), Stanley Sim (Evergreen GH), Asst Prof Aurobindo Ghosh (SMU), Prof Zhang Hong (SMU), David Yong (Evergreen GH), Desmond Sim (Evergreen GH), Henry Chua (SMU), Jonathan Tay (SMU)

About Evergreen GH Pte Ltd:

Evergreen GH Pte Ltd has been established since the 1990s, we have expanded our presence from Singapore to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia till date.

Evergreen Group Holdings originally was in the key business of Timber Processing and Trading, which has a long standing track record of over 3 decades. As we progress with time, Evergreen Group Holdings has grown and evolved from a timber company to a multi national enterprise which has successfully acquired and developed a multi-diversified range of businesses to add on to our ever-growing portfolio which comprises of Financial Institutions, Automotives, Real Estate and Lifestyle industries


About SKBI:

The Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics is the premier Asian institute for applied financial economics research and training. This is done through multidisciplinary collaborations involving research talent from the SMU community, around the world as well as industry. The institute’s focus is in the area of Market Innovations and FinTech, Sustainability and Green Finance, and Household Finance and Behaviour.

Besides conducting fundamental and applied research which aims at solving real-world issues, SKBI also actively engages in outreach, executive training and research dissemination through organising courses, seminars and conferences. Our purpose-oriented activities are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to act as accelerators with regard to financial policies and regulations. To maintain our relevance to finance practitioners and policy-makers, SKBI adopts a view on Asian and global economic trends.


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