Professorial Research Fellow

  • Rajiv Lall

Research Fellows

  • Xavier Bautista​
  • Angeline Chua​
  • Thomas Lam​
  • Marc Rakotomalala​
  • Wanyi Yang

SMU Affiliated Faculty

  • Ekkehart Boehmer
    Professor of Finance​
  • Dave Fernandez
    SKBI Director & Professor of Finance (Practice)​
  • Tomoki Fujii 
    Associate Professor of Economics​
  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Assistant Professor of Finance (Education)​
  • Sterling Huang
    Associate Professor of Accounting​
  • Weikai Li
    Assistant Professor of Finance​
  • Hao Liang
    Associate Professor of Finance​
  • Roger Loh 
    Associate Professor of Finance​
  • Simon Schillebeeckx 
    Assistant Professor of Finance​
  • John Sequeira 
    Associate Professor of Finance (Practice)
  • Yang (Gloria) Yu
    Assistant Professor of Finance​

Visiting Faculty

  • Marco Annunziata
    Annunziata + Desai, USA​
  • Hyun-Soo Choi
    KAIST, Korea​
  • Marinela Finta 
    University of Otago, New Zealand​
  • Alexander Galetovic 
    Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile​
  • Anthony Gopal
     Providentia IP, USA​
  • Wolfgang Härdle 
    Humboldt University, Germany​
  • David Hardoon 
    Aboitiz and Security Bank, Singapore​
  • Marianna Kozintseva 
    Turning Point Macro, UK ​
  • Xiang Li
    Butler University, USA​
  • Rajesh Sundaresan 
     Symbioteco, Singapore​
  • Joanne Yoong 
    University of Southern California, USA​
  • Ning Zhu
    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, China​
  • Christoph B Nedopil Wang
    Central University of Finance and Economics, China​
  • Kyung-Hwan Kim
      Sogang University, Korea


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