Senior Research Fellow  
Email: mtpunzi [at]  
Curriculum Vitae  




PhD in Economics
Boston College (USA)


MA in Economics
Boston College (USA)


MA in Quantitative Methods
University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

2009 Bachelor in Economics
University of Rome "Tor Vergata"      



  • Senior Research Fellow, Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics



  • Primary: Real-Financial Linkages, Monetary and Macro-prudential Policy, Housing Market, Environmental Economics, Climate Change, Green Financing.
  • Secondary: International Economics, Capital Flows, Global Imbalances, Applied Econometrics



  • B. Huang, M.T. Punzi and Y. WU. Environmental Regulation and Financial Stability: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms. Journal of Banking and Finance. Vol. 136-106396, 2022. 
  • B. Huang, M.T. Punzi and Y. WU. Environmental Risk and Bank Lending: Evidence from a Quasi Natural Experiment in China. Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 69, August 2021, 101983. 
  • M. Feldkircher, F. Huber,  M.T. Punzi and P. Chantapacdepong. The Transmission of Interest Rates Shocks to Asia – Are Effects Different Below the Zero Lower Bound? Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Vol. 57(13), 2021, Pages 1-17. 
  • F. Huber and M.T. Punzi. International housing markets, unconventional monetary policy and the zero lower bound. Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 24(4), 2020, Pages 774-806. 
  • M.T. Punzi. The impact of uncertainty on the macro-financial linkage with international financial exposure. Journal of Economics and Business, Volume 110, July–August 2020, Pages 105894. 
  • M.T. Punzi. The impact of energy price uncertainty on macroeconomic variables. Energy Policy, Vol. 129, June 2019, Pages 1306-1319. 
  • M.T. Punzi and K. Rabitsch. Effectiveness of macroprudential policies under borrower heterogeneity. Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 85, 2018. Pages 251-261.  
  • F. Huber and M.T. Punzi. The shortage of safe assets in the US investment portfolio: Some international evidence.  Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 74, 2017, Pages 318-336.  
  • L. Lambertini, C. Mendicino and M.T. Punzi. Expectations-Driven Cycles in the Housing Market. Economic Modelling, Vol. 60, January 2017, Pages 297-312. 
  • M.T. Punzi and K. Kauko. Testing the Global Banking Glut Hypothesis. Journal of Financial Stability, Vol. 19, 2015, Pages 128-151.    
  • M.T. Punzi and K. Rabitsch Investor borrowing heterogeneity in a Kiyotaki-Moore style macro model. Economics Letters, Vol. 130, May 2015, Pages 75-79.   
  • C. Mendicino and M.T. Punzi. House Prices, Capital Inflows and Macro-prudential Policy. Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 49, 2014, Pages 337-355. 
  • M. Haavio, C. Mendicino and M.T. Punzi. Financial and Economic Downturns in OECD Countries. Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 21(6), 2014, Pages 407-412. 
  • L. Lambertini, C. Mendicino and M.T. Punzi. Expectation-Driven Cycles in the Housing Market: Evidence from Survey Data. Journal of Financial Stability, Volume 9(4), December 2013, Pages 518-529.  
  • L. Lambertini, C. Mendicino and M.T. Punzi. Leaning Against Boom-Bust Cycles in Credit and Housing Prices: Monetary and Macroprudential Policy. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 37, Issue 8, August 2013, Pages 1500–1522.   
  • M.T. Punzi. Housing Market and Current Account Imbalances in the International Economy. Review of International Economics, Vol. 21(4), September 2013, Pages 601-613.   


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