APFEI 2021


APFEI 2021 Recordings

Day One (15 November 2021)

Day Two (16 November 2021)

Day Three (17 November 2021)

APFEI 2021 Resources

  • Keynote Address: "Robo-Advising” by Alberto Rossi, Georgetown University [Slides]
  • Keynote Address: “Aggregating Evidence on the Effectiveness of Financial Education” by Tim Kaiser, University of Koblenz-Landau [Slides]
  • Georgios A. Panos, University of Glasgow: “Financial Literacy and Attitudes to Cryptocurrencies” [Paper | Slides]
  • Kamakhya Nr. Singh and Shruti Malik, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (Ministry of Corporate Affairs): “Role of Financial Attitude and Financial Knowledge in Resilience-building Financial Behaviour in a Developing Economy like India” [Slides]
  • Dinh Thi Thanh Van, Vietnam National University: “Determinants Affecting Digital Financial Consumer Protection: Evidence from 135 Countries in the World from 2014 to 2018” [Slides]
  • Elisabet Ruiz Dotras, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya: “Choices of Education and the Financial Literacy Gender Gap” [Slides]
  • Sarah Reiter, IFO Institute: “The Effect of Financial Literacy on Granting Third-Party Guarantees”
  • Vikas Kakkar, City University of Hong Kong: “Wealth, Financial Literacy and Behavioral Biases in Japan: the Effects of various Types of Financial Literacy” [Slides]
  • Megan Hunter, Boston College: “Consumer Choice and Corporate Bankruptcy” [Slides]
  • Annamaria Lusardi, GFLEC: Financial Wellbeing and Literacy in the Midst of a Pandemic [Slides]
  • Faye Lomocso, Department of Family and Community Medicine: “The State of Financial Literacy, Financial Practices and Risk Attitude of Family Medicine Resident Physicians: the unrealized Practice Management Goals” [Slides]
  • Manuel Salas-Velasco, University of Granada: “Assessing the effectiveness of economic and financial education for decision-making on graduate studies: Experimental evidence” [Slides]
  • Special Address: “An entertaining approach: the effectiveness of a financial education curriculum developed around high-energy music videos” by Adele Atkinson, Independent Consultant [Slides]



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