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  • Net-zero: Breaking Down the Bill by UBS.
    What investment is needed to switch to clean fuels, and how will capital expenditure be allocated across the energy supply chain? After leveraging more than 60 of their reports, engaging with industry experts and analysing multiple UBS datasets, a global team of UBS analysts concluded that decarbonizing the energy supply alone could require a cumulative investment of between 120 and 160 trillion dollars between now and 2050.

  • How can Business Survive Climate Change? by The Economist.
    Climate change is about to upend the corporate world through weather-related disasters, regulation and lawsuits. Can businesses react and adapt in time?

  • Spotlight on: Climate Risk and the Financial Sector by HSBC.

    These five short videos, around 20 minutes each, look at different ways climate risk can affect financial sector businesses, with topics including disclosure, stress testing, and regulatory and legal considerations. 
    They are designed for an international audience and delve into areas that are unique to the financial sector, largely derived from the work undertaken by leading central banks such as the Bank of England and Banque de France, as set out by the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening of the Financial System (“NGFS”). 

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