Implications for the Board (Training)

Scheduled training (Free)

  • Guided webinar discussion
    Available from Oct 2022 (Registration will open next year)

Self-training (Free)

  • Chapter Zero: Directors’ Climate Journey by Chapter Zero.
    The journey maps out a path for non-executive directors to increase their understanding of climate change and the boardroom. It aims to support NEDs to have high quality and effective boardroom discussions and debate the impacts of climate change on their businesses.

Third-party scheduled training (Pay-per-use)

  • Module 1: Rethinking Corporate Governance for the New World -Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance for NextGen Business Leaders by Deloitte & SMU Academy

    This module provides a balanced take on corporate governance, addressing the regulatory, theoretical and practical aspects. Participants will understand the key principles of good governance and know how to apply them in the increasingly digitalised business setting through building sound governance mechanisms and culture. Participants will also be aware of the governance trends and drivers for embracing good corporate governance, e.g., providing assurance to stakeholders, financial institutions and regulators.