Each and every participant can tailor the program to suit his or her individual financial goals.

Financial Planning Topics:

FP Topic 1 ⚊ It starts with savings
FP Topic 2 ⚊ Bank checking and deposits
FP Topic 3 ⚊ Bank loans, moneylenders
FP Topic 4 ⚊ Credit cards
FP Topic 5 ⚊ Longevity risk and CPF
FP Topic 6 ⚊ Financial advice
FP Topic 7 ⚊ Taxes
FP Topic 8 ⚊ Car buying and financing
FP Topic 9 ⚊ Car taxes and insurance
FP Topic 10 ⚊ Travel insurance
FP Topic 11 ⚊ Life insurance, Part I
FP Topic 12 ⚊ Life insurance, Part II
FP Topic 13 ⚊ Medical and health insurance
FP Topic 14 ⚊ Retirement
FP Topic 15 ⚊ Estate planning

Investment Topics:

Inv Topic 1 ⚊ Basics of investments. Risk, return and costs
Inv Topic 1a ⚊ World’s wealth, where and how much
Inv Topic 2 ⚊ Investments. Risk, return and costs
Inv Topic 3 ⚊ How to do it
Inv Topic 4 ⚊ Fund costs and fund types
Inv Topic 4a ⚊ Fun ETF statistics, 2012
Inv Topic 4b ⚊ Fun2 ETF statistics, 2012
Inv Topic 5 ⚊ Can you beat the market?
Inv Topic 6 ⚊ Property buying and financing
Inv Topic 7 ⚊ Property buying and investing
Inv Topic 8 ⚊ Investing overseas
Inv Topic 9 ⚊ Diversification
Inv Topic 9a ⚊ Portfolio risk = portfolio variance
Inv Topic 10 ⚊ Investment instruments, derivatives

Should you wish to know more on the topics as listed, send your queries to cs_flya [at] smu.edu.sg.

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