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My Money @ Campus 2019

My Money @ Campus 2019 organized by MoneySense, Association of Banks in Singapore, SMU-SKBI, Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults and Institute for Financial Literacy, hosted by ITE.

Presentation of Grant Cheque

Presentation of Grant Cheque from Citi Foundation to SMU for its commitment to support the continuation of the Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults in 2020, witnessed by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Home Affairs.

Financial Health Clinics @ MoneySense Youth Campaign Activations

Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Student Trainers shared financial literacy knowledge with students from the 5 Polytechnics and 3 ITE colleges during MoneySense Youth Campaign Activations.

6th Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Symposium

Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults organized our 6th Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Symposium, themed “FinTech for a Sustainable Future”. Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Home Affairs graced the event as the Guest-of-Honour.

Financial Literacy Peer-to-Peer Workshops at ITE

Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Student Trainers conducted a peer-to-peer workshop on Insurance and Investment for ITE students. An interactive game, called The Wizard Game, was designed by our student trainers and deployed to enhance teaching and learning.

Financial Literacy Workshop in Vietnam

Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults was invited to conduct a financial literacy workshop for Vietnam National University students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Train-the-trainers Programme

Carefully hand-picked and rigorously hot housed, Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Student Trainers and Affiliate Trainers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on personal finance and investing.

Peer-to-peer workshops

Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Student Trainers and Affiliate Trainers design the teaching materials and use them to impart knowledge to the beneficiaries in an interactive manner.

Financial Literacy Symposium

The program’s annual flagship event which aims to facilitate success sharing and maintain thought leadership in the area of financial literacy for young adults.

Financial Literacy Awareness Day (FLAD) and Bonanza Carnivals

Financial concepts are delivered in a fun way through interactive and innovative carnival games

Financial Literacy Camp (“Camp£ing”)

It is a play on the word Compounding. The camp is a good mix of fun sport activities and financial literacy themed games and workshops.

Financial Literacy Station @ SMU Freshmen Orientation

SMU is the first university in Singapore that offers financial literacy program to its freshmen through innovative ways such as human foosball.


Our yearly competition for ITE, Polytechnic and SMU students which challenges them to impart financial literacy through creative ways, such as such as amazing race and infographics.

Media Campaigns

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An augmented reality (AR) game that teaches you financial knowledge in a fun & interactive way! Put your financial knowledge to the test and be finlit!


Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults
Launched in April 2012 by Citi Singapore and Singapore Management University (SMU) with the support of the Citi Foundation, the Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults is Singapore’s first structured financial literacy programme for young adults.

Through lectures, workshops and course curriculum, the programme seeks to equip young adults between the ages of 17 and 30 with essential personal finance knowledge and skills applicable to their life stage to give them a firm foundation in managing their money and a financial head-start early in their lives.

It utilizes a unique peer-to-peer training model in which selected students from SMU, polytechnic and ITE are trained by SMU faculty members, industry practitioners and government agencies including CPF Board and HDB to be financial literacy trainers. Together with the programme team, the financial literacy trainers will conduct interactive workshops and creative initiatives including games, carnivals, camps and competitions.

Since its launch, more than 500 students from SMU, 5 polytechnics and 3 ITE colleges have been trained as financial literacy trainers. The programme has also engaged over 29,000 young adults on a wide range of topics including basic money and credit management, financial and retirement planning, home and car ownership as well as principles of investment.

Demonstrated Impact

In 2018, Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults increased awareness of financial concepts and influenced a change of behavior of participants.



beneficiaries demonstrated increased level of knowledge of Financial Literacy, appreciation of skills and concepts.



improved or kept the same level of financial knowledge.

After participating in the program,


more have increased their levels of savings (overall 67%) by spending less than their allowance or income.


more participants (44% overall) have started a regular savings account three to six months after participating in the program.

From the respondents polled, we observe that about


more beneficiaries have started investing prudently after participating in the program.


more are confident they have adequate insurance coverage.

Overall, we see that three to six months after participating in the Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Programme for Young Adults, the beneficiaries of the program seem to exhibit change of behavior in financial decision making.


"We have explored a lot of different ways to explore our reach, and I think we have achieved that. It’s more how to enhance our reach and work more with our affiliates and reach out to more interested people. We had more collaborative and more close teamwork."
Perry Kwan
an SMU student
"One interesting financial management initiative is the Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Student Club, which combines a formalised financial literacy programme with the strengths of peer-to-peer influence."
Mrs Josephine Teo
Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport in her Opening Address at the SMU Financial Literacy Fiesta Symposium on 12 June 2015
"I am heartened to see Citi-SMU’s programs benefiting so many young people every year."
Mr Zaqy Mohamad
Minister of State, Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Manpower
"MoneySENSE works with many partners from both the academia and the industry, and I would like to acknowledge all of you today. We thank our main partners for this series, SMU and Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Program for Young Adults, who are spearheading the carnival segment and have worked closely with student volunteers from our 5 polytechnics to design the carnival and games (My Money @ Campus 2018)."
Mr Lee Boon Ngiap
Assistant Managing Director (Capital Markets), MAS and Chairman, Financial Education Steering Committee
"Even though I learn derivatives etc yet I don’t know simple things like insurance and credit card. I think there’s a gap in learning, at least in my course- they teach a lot of financial products, but they tend to skip over the practical ones. And maybe you want to learn how to buy a house you know."
Joshua Chow
a Polytechnic student
"My parents ask me - how come you have so much knowledge on insurance? Because I join the Train-the-Trainers program lah! It does benefit us in the future, you just don’t know when. I’m really happy that whatever I learn I can really teach my parents. And they’re really proud of me!"
Winnie Tan
an ITE student

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