Welcome Address by Professor David Lee
Executive/Academic Director of Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics


Keynote Address 1 by Piyush Gupta
Chairman of Advisory Board, Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics
Chief Executive Officer of DBS Group






Keynote Address 2 on Singapore Smart Nation - Our Way of Thinking about Innovation
by Ms Jacqueline Poh, 
Managing Director, Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore


Keynote Panel 2 : Smart Investing for Impact
Moderator: Professor Annie Koh (Vice-President, Office of Business Development and Academic Director, Business Families Institute, SMU)
Panellists: Bill Malloy (President, Malloy and Company), John Kim (Managing Partner, Amasia), Marc Hendriks (Chief Investment Officer, Sandaire Investment Office), Sharon Chandran (CEO, Footprints Investments), Shumei Lam (Founder and Managing Director, Poultry East Africa Ltd)










Smart Panel 3: Smart City - Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Considerations

Moderator: Tim Swanson, Director of Market Research, R3CEV
Panellists: Anthony Lim (Director, Cloud Security Alliance, Singapore,, Dana Syracuse (Managing Director, K2 Intelligence), Jason Franklin (Venture Partner, Avalon Ventures), Nick Bilogorskiy (President/CEO, Nova Ukraine)