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With extensive knowledge of personal finance and other money matters, our student trainers will steer participants towards financial success and help them to achieve their financial goals.


Carefully hand-picked from the SMU community and rigorously hot housed, the trainers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on finance and investing. Many of them have started their own enterprises and have a passion for investing, so they speak with first-hand, real-world knowledge of financial issues.

Comments from past trainers

Participating in the learning process actively through the workshop case studies allowed us to have a great hands-on learning experience. – Yu Chengyuan, Bachelor of Business Management


It was informative. Although we may know of some of the concepts presented, the programme helped us understand more fully how to apply the concepts as well as how to explain them in simple terms for the end-beneficiaries.
Charles Hu Xiao Yang, Bachelor of Accountancy


It enhances my financial and investment knowledge and provides me a holistic view of various financial products. It corrects my misunderstanding of some financial areas and teaches me how to deliver what I learnt to the young adults.
– Yang Chenying, Bachelor of Science (Economics)

Last updated on 28 Oct 2015 .