Introducing the new SmooLah Game App developed by Citi Foundation-SMU Financial Literacy Program for Young Adults!

Test your financial knowledge and experiment them on the game itself. Lead your life in the virtual world before you live in the real world!

SmooLah is the first of its kind Augmented Reality (AR) based game which puts Financial Awareness and Knowledge at the hands of players. 



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Hi there, Smoo Smoo!

Smoo Smoo, the red-haired lion, is a member of SmooLah community and grows up as time passes. You can develop your own Smoo Smoo and navigate it through major life events from the age of 15 till retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your rank in SmooLah is calculated based on a combination of your net worth (money), happiness, and peace of mind that you accumulate as you progress in SmooLah’s virtual world.

Every five minutes in SmooLah world is one month in real time; every hour is one year.

The SmooLah game starts when Smoo Smoo is Year 15 and ends at Year 65 (retirement).

You earn money, happiness, and peace of mind by playing the mini games at each district. However, the mini games also require energy to be played in the first place!  

Tips on increasing your energy level: 

  • Passing time in the game allows you to regain some energy. 
  • Buy daily necessities from the Shopping District. Items in the shopping catalogue have different prices; some items replenish a more-than-proportionate amount of energy over others.

Tips on increasing your wealth: 

  • Playing the Shopper Dash and Word Search mini-games earns you money. With the money, visit the Central District to enroll in a school and further your education. 
  • Get a job and rise through the ranks of the working world to scale up your purchasing power. 
  • At the Financial District, make smart investments and win big. Beware as wrong investments could also cause you to lose money! 

Tips on increasing your happiness: 

  • Buying certain items from the Shopping District can increase your happiness. Make your own purchases to find out! 
  • Buying stocks and bonds in the Financial District also affects your level of happiness in the virtual world. Wise investments increase your level of happiness! 

Tips on increasing your peace of mind:

  • Buy insurance from the Financial District! While purchasing insurance costs you money, energy, and happiness, it increases your peace of mind. Insurance protects you from unexpected situations, like a car accident in SmooLah’s virtual world, for example.

SmooLah aims to improve youths’ (15-30 year old) financial literacy through fun and interactive games that improve one’s financial awareness and knowledge. By progressing through the game, players will make critical decisions that mimic real-life personal finance decisions, thereby learning more about financial literacy in our daily lives!

The game ends when you reach the end of Year 65. However, your progress can also be reset to start-state if you hit zero for any of the 4 components (net worth, happiness, peace of mind, energy).

You can learn or reinforce your understanding of the fundamentals of personal finance that are crucial for one’s financial stability. If you’re not sure whether you are financially literate enough, Smoolah is the right game for you! Through playing the game, you would learn to manage your finances in the virtual world before putting your newfound knowledge to the test in real life!

The data collected from the game will be used for a research study to determine the long term effectiveness of a financial literacy program delivered by student-trainers from SMU, ITE or Polytechnics (funded by CITI Foundation). 

To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The content of the game is geared towards youths aged between 15 and 30, but we welcome players of all ages to come and learn with us and put their financial knowledge to the test.

Yes, you need an internet connection for your progress to be saved.

SmooLah only works with devices that can support AR technology. Unfortunately, this means that older devices that do not support AR will not be able to download the game.

Good news! As long as you’ve created an account and remain logged in to the same account (not the Guest Account!), your achievements will not reset and they’ll be continuous regardless of the number of times you restart the SmooLah journey. Keep pushing!  

You may contact us at cs_flya [at] Your valuable feedback will help us improve the gameplay experience for all users.   

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